Best Air Bike in India 2023 {Buying Guide}

Best Air Bike for Home in India| Best Air Gym Bikes in India 

Has it happened to you having to walk against the strong wind feeling that you cannot move forward? Difficult right? Alright, imagine pedaling against a wind similar to that, but concentrating only on your legs while exercising your arms hard.

Although they were designed for short and intense sessions, they can be adapted to all types of users and levels and are ready to be hated and loved at the same time.

In this guide I will tell you everything you need to know to choose without mistakes the "air bike" that best suits your needs.

Best Air Bike in India

Our Selection of the Best Stationary Air Bikes


PowerMax Fitess BU-201
Dual Action Air Bike

Max User Weight: 120 Kg
Belt Drive System
Single Piece Crank


Cockatoo AB06
Exercise Bike

Maximum user Weight : 100kgs
6" LCD Monitor
Belt Driven System


Reach AB-110
Air Bike

Maximum user Weight : 100kgs
Belt Drive System
Cushioned Adjustable Seat


Sparnod Fitness
SAB-05 Air Bike

Maximum User Weight : 100 kg
LCD Display
Adjustable Seat



Maximum User Weight : 100 kg
Ergonomic Design
Belt Drive System

Buy the best Air Bikes. Features to consider

What to take into account when choosing an air bike? Is it the same as choosing a traditional static? Is not the same. That is why I tell you what to keep in mind below.


As these bikes are designed for really intense work, it is necessary that they have a quality chassis, made of strong and very stable steel to allow you a complete and safe work.

Checking the maximum user weight is one way of knowing which structure can be more robust. The higher the weight supported, the heavier and stronger the bike will be.


Another point to evaluate is the possibility of saddle adjustments. In general, the equipment that allows vertical and horizontal adjustments and those that facilitate millimeter changes are better to have more versatility when choosing the height you really need.

s for the handles, it is important to evaluate the weight, height and comfort when holding them to achieve an effective work.

Fan Diameter and Type

You will see that this variable can change from one team to another, but it is not so relevant for the choice. In fact, many brands do not even report on this point. However, it is assumed that larger size, more air and therefore more resistance.

More than the size that in almost all the options is the same, the important thing is the number and locations of the handles, since this will be more defining when it comes to generating air and, with it, resistance.

Additional features

It is important that these equipment have adjustment so that you can level the legs on any surface, since this will depend on whether you can practice intensely without oscillations or accidents.

Transport wheels are also crucial because this equipment is heavy and difficult to move. The bottle holder is also a differential to take into account in intense practices such as those carried out on these teams.


As they are intended to be used for short periods of work, they are generally not interactive and all consoles tend to be similar.

They do not usually have built-in heart rate monitors, so you should verify compatibility with heart count appointments. It is very important that the console is backlit and that it is located close to the position of the hands on the handles for faster adjustments.

Another point to take into account is what default programs it includes, checking that it has options to work with intervals, tabata and some customizable ones. The more options the better.

Air Bicycles: Keys to know them in Depth

We could say that it is a newer category of bikes, less known than a recumbent exercise bike and a less proven folding exercise bike, although they have been on the market for a few years.

Therefore, it is more difficult to find reliable information when analyzing this product category. That will change right now because in the next sections you will have the keys to choose an air bike without complications or mistakes.

What are Air Bikes?

An air or "fan" bike is a piece of equipment, quite rare to look at and for some quite unattractive, that allows training at home with high resistance.

Many say that it is the fusion between an elliptical and a stationary bike since it incorporates two movable handles to exercise the upper body in the same way that you do on the elliptical treadmill.

These handles and the pedals are connected to a large fan so that when you move, you turn the blades. The air generated is responsible for offering resistance and difficulty.

Therefore, the more you work, the more resistance you will generate, and the more resistance you feel, the more you want to work. We could say that it becomes a circle where love / hate drives you to exceed your limits more and more and where resistance is unlimited.

These equipments work from the movement, therefore they do not need electrical power, being very friendly for the environment and very economical.

Benefits of Air Bike

These bikes, like any other, offer all the benefits of cycling for both physical health and stress reduction and weight loss.

But what specific benefits do static air bikes offer? Let's see.

  • Reduces Joint Impact

In general, cycling is a low-impact activity compared to running.

Air bikes, when used according to your own energy and without “external” resistance, should further prevent joint damage.

  • Helps with Greater Weight Loss

They say that air bikes are 15% more efficient when it comes to losing weight, a question that I have not been able to prove scientifically. However, beyond percentages, it is true that this machine helps burn more calories than others.

On the one hand, because of the high intensity it can achieve by taking your heart to its maximum in a matter of minutes. On the other, because when working the upper part as well, there is a greater physical demand.

If we look at the calorie loss count per activity, we could think that with an air bike you will not only be able to burn the calories typical of a standard bike session, but you would have to add a few more from the work with the elliptical.

  • Works the Muscles in a more Comprehensive Way

With an intense pedaling you will work the legs and also the gluteal area and the lower back. If you add to this the use of the handles, you will include the upper muscle groups such as shoulders, biceps and triceps.

The central area is also activated because it is what generates the movement that drives our joints (cycling puts the knees, ankles and hips to work, among other joints) and also maintains the correct posture.

  • Provides the extra Benefits of High Intensity Interval Work

Working with high-intensity intervals has been shown to offer greater benefits than moderate exercise.

Since air bikes are mostly used for HIIT, add these benefits to your list.

How to use an Air Bike?

It is true that the "Air Bike" can be used by all kinds of people. Now, what is its true purpose?

These teams aim to enable users to work with intensity. Not suitable for moderate jobs? Serve, it works, but it is not the most suitable equipment. In these cases, a traditional exercise bike may be more convenient.

What are the Best Air Bikes? Where to Buy Them.

Although it is not the most robust and withstands lower maximum user weight among its peers, it is designed by and for athletes and has amply proven its quality and robustness.

It is followed by the Cockatoo AB06 Stainless Steel Exercise Bike, which has the most stable and robust structure, accepting the highest user weight, offering double resistance and being suitable for everyone.

Finally, the PowerMax Fitess BU-201 Dual Action Air Bike also provides a strong structure and a high maximum user weight although in relation to quality / price, it is a few steps behind.

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