Treadmill 150Kg User Weight India 2023

Best Treadmill for 150Kg | Treadmill 150Kg User Weight

Are you overweight and want to declare war on the extra kilos? A treadmill is a very good training device for all four walls of your home and can help you work on your sports goals even in wind and weather. However, unfortunately, it is the case that many of our daily sports equipment are not designed for people who are overweight and can only be used by people up to 100 kg.

Treadmill 150Kg User Weight India

Therefore, in today's article I present you the best treadmills for people between 150 kg and 200 kg. In addition, you will learn what to keep in mind when buying, so that you can also become an expert in the future! Have fun!

You have to pay attention to this when you buy a treadmill up to 150kg!


Cockatoo CTM-01 Treadmill

3 HP AC Motor
Running Area: 580 x1450 mm
Max Speed 20Km/hr


Kobo Fitness (TM-308) Treadmill

4 H.P Peak DC Motor
Track Area : 1350 x 520 mm
Speed : 1 to 18.8 km/h


Durafit Royal 3.0HP Treadmill

3.0HP DC Motor 6hp Peak
Speed Range:1.0-20 Km/Hr
Running Area : 1430 x 530 Mm

The most important thing on a treadmill for overweight people up to 150 kg is the motive power. Unfortunately, in too many cases only the external key data of a treadmill is taken into account without taking into account the internal workings.

It's like buying a sports car with an 80 hp engine

For treadmills, the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer refers to use without load. However, if a user weight of 150 kg is added, this speed can be significantly reduced. If the motor is not strong enough ...

Additionally, a weak motor with a user weight of 150kg also wears out much faster as it literally has to adapt to keep the treadmill moving.

That's how powerful the engine should be

Therefore, I recommend a motor with a minimum Continuous Power of 3 HP for a User Weight of 150 kg.

Overweight people should do more sports, but unfortunately only a few manufacturers of sports equipment take into account the weight gain of the user. Above all, a treadmill for overweight people up to 150 kg should offer enough space. Unfortunately, I keep seeing that treadmills are simply too small, and that hurts just looking at them ...

Why: If the treadmill is too small, the risk of a wrong step leading to an accident increases. This causes an increased risk of injury, which can be very harmful to these people.

Even the cheapest, strongest and coolest treadmill is useless if the running surface is too small. If you are injured after a few weeks, all the progress made up to that point will be lost and you will have to start over.

In addition, too small a running surface ensures that you have to worry about every step you take and that you simply cannot walk with complete peace of mind. Even if you are not always aware of this, your mind will take care of you.

For a user weight of 150 kg, the running surface must be at least 50 cm wide. I generally recommend at least 140cm in length.


Especially for people who are overweight up to 150 to 200 kg, running can be very painful for the joints, especially the knees. Fortunately, many manufacturers have thought and developed innovative damping systems that counteract all this.

Typically a multi-zone cushioning system is offered, which reduces shock and is gentle on the joints and ensures a healthy workout at any time and at any speed.

It is important that the treadmill is neither too soft nor too hard. Both extremes put pressure on our joints and cause long-term pain. The models that I am about to present to you have managed to find this balance and offer perfect damping systems.

Best Treadmill for up to 150 kg

Enough technical vocabulary. You already know what is important when you buy a treadmill up to 150 kg. But which model wins in this category?

In my opinion, the current winner is the Cockatoo CTM-01 3 HP Semi Commercial Treadmill. It is currently one of Amazon's best-sellers in the resistance training category and in my opinion, with good reason!

There is simply nothing this treadmill is missing! Do you want a small sample?

The motor has a very good continuous power of 3 HP and a maximum Peak of  6 HP. All of this allows speeds of up to 20 km /hr, which may seem useless at first, but could be used in the course of your training program.

The incline can also be set up to 20%, so that mountain slopes can also be integrated and a varied workout is always provided.

With a width of 580 mm and a length of 1450 mm , the tread is large enough and it has an 8-zone damping system that is particularly gentle on the joints.

By the way, it is also ideal for small apartments, as it can be easily folded and can be stored to save space.

And Best of All : This treadmill can carry up to 150 kg!

You will surely notice that I am very enthralled when I talk about this sports team. In my opinion, there is no better treadmill for 150kg people at this price.

As it is still a subjective note, I recommend that you simply try the model to see if you like it. The price can also fluctuate a lot from time to time, so I also advise to check the current price. Just click the orange button below and you will be automatically redirected to all the details and customer reviews.

Conclusion : Treadmill 150Kg User Weight

The perfect treadmill for up to 150 kg, it exists! Even overweight people up to 200 kg will find what they are looking for! That is the positive finding of this report.

When buying a treadmill for up to 150 or 200 kg, there are definitely some important points to pay attention to in order to find the perfect combo of functionalities. It is important that all components of the treadmill are in harmony. The models that I recommend are, in my opinion, the perfect examples and should offer you exactly what you are looking for.

I hope I have been able to help you with this article. If you still have any more questions or suggestions, you can always leave me an email or a comment on this article and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

Otherwise, first of all, have fun with your new treadmill for up to 150 or 200 kg!

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