Best Rowing Machine in India 2022

We know that sport has many benefits for our health, but even so, sometimes we have a hard time finding the best way to practice it.

Cardiovascular workouts allow you to stay in shape, and some devices such as rowing machines are a very good option for these types of activities.

Rowing machines for fitness are an excellent option to work all the muscles without having a very aggressive impact.

If you want a device that allows the whole family to be in shape, or you are a professional who needs to be able to train in any situation, you are in the right place.

Best Rowing Machine in India

But now comes the tricky part, which is choosing a suitable home rowing machine. If you are taking a quick look online at all the possible options, you may have noticed that their number is quite voluminous, but we have done the work for you through this guide to the best rowing machines.

Best Rowing Machine for Home India 2022


Concept2 RowErg
with PM5

14-inch Seat Height
500-Pound User Capacity
Material : Alloy Steel


Lets Play LP-AR202970
Rowing Machine

Resistance Mechanism : Air
LCD Monitor
Non-slip Grip handle Bbars


Rowing Machine

8 Level Adjustable Resistance
Digital LCD Display
Non-Slip Foot Pedals


Rowing Machine

Steel Main Frame
U-shape Seat
Max Weight Capacity 265 LBS.

Tips for Buying a Top Rowing Exercise Machine

If you've already tried a rowing machine at the gym, you know how complete this exercise can be. We know that it is not easy to choose the most appropriate product, and we want to help you choose the best rowing machine with some advice on the main characteristics that you should take into account when you go to buy one.

Machine Type : There are different types of ways that your home rowing machine can work. The four main ones are: magnetic, air, water and rubber bands. If you practice rowing, the air and water rowing are the most similar to this activity in real life.

Maximum Weight : Some machines for rowing at home are designed to hold from 90 kg to more than 200 kg. Choose based on your weight, taking into account that you cannot choose a size that is very tight, that is, if you weigh 100 kg you must have at least 10 left over the machine to avoid breakage and wear.

Modes : There are several levels for your rowing machine, which you can use to burn calories or gain muscle. Most machines have a minimum of about 3 resistance programs to control the amount of force the machine opposes. There are home rowing machines that can have more than 16 modes.

Foldable : Some fitness rowing machines can be folded, so they will not take up much space at home, and you can store and transport them more comfortably.

Technology : Apart from the LED screen that is incorporated into the rowing machine, where data such as time or distance come, some machines can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your mobile device.

List Best Rowing Machine in India 2022

1. Concept2 RowErg with PM5

This rowing machine is highly recommended, as its D design allows the entire body to be worked effectively with low impact. Its flywheel makes the routine feel smooth, while being very quiet. It is also very ergonomic thanks to its adjustable footrest and soft grip handle. It supports up to 227 Kg (500 pound) and its seat is at a height of 14 Inch.

It brings a performance monitor with which you can control all the variables of the training in an easy way, and that also brings pre-programmed routines very useful especially for beginners.

This rowing machine is very practical to store, since it is divided into two pieces, and incorporates sliding wheels.

It includes a quick start guide, and we recommend that you look it up on Amazon, and buy it before it runs out.

2. ATIVAFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

If what you are looking for is to have the same variety of machines that a gym can offer you at home, you should buy this model. The Body Sculpture rowing machine allows you to work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, lats and abs; thanks to its special design with Gym function. In addition, it perfectly simulates the movement of rowing, allowing you to work up to 84% of your muscle mass.

It has a computer that shows you the time, the number of movements, the calories burned, among others; so you can take better control of your performance.


3. WINNINGO Water Rowing Machine

No list of rowing machines is complete without this classic. The WaterRower is perhaps the most elegant rowing machine you can buy, but elegance is not the only thing it offers.

It is a machine that looks like a strange piece of furniture, with its entire structure made of Steel Frame that supports a weight of more than 120Kg.

As you may have already guessed, it is a water resistance rowing machine, with a flywheel that is a circular tank filled with water (Water Flywheel) that the fuller it is, the more resistance it will offer.

The advantages of this type of resistance are several: it is very quiet compared to air and the sound of water together with the resistance make the feeling of rowing especially realistic.

It has a dual rail design and a very low profile, so you will be paddling very close to the ground, which gives even more realism to the activity. It can also be stored very easily by placing it vertically and moving it from one side to the other.

The WaterRower is not cheap, but its price is justified by its quality and you will not regret having it in your living room.

4. Lets Play LP-AR202970 Imported Air Rower

This is a conventional rowing machine, with which you can perfectly simulate the movement of rowing, and exercise your whole body, developing your muscle mass. It is a very resistant device, since it is made of railway aluminum and the footrests are made of thick non-slip rubber with thick feet to prevent movements.

In addition, the resistance system of the fan wheel makes this machine a very durable device that does not produce annoying noises.

The handle is completely non-slip and ergonomic, so you can keep moving for long periods without discomfort. It brings a very friendly central screen, where you can check all the variables of your training.

5. Aerofit Aluminum Rowing Machine AF-803

This rowing machine is among the best on the market as it is very easy to use. It folds up quickly, but at the same time has the robustness of any gym machine; so you can perform an optimal routine. Its rowing system with cable is very quiet and the folding rail is of very good quality.

In addition, it is very versatile, since it has a control that brings 10 different levels of resistance, which will allow you to progressively increase your performance, to achieve better results. The non-slip footrests and its ergonomic seat will make you feel very comfortable even during long routines. And its central console will help you control heart rate, time and calories burned, very easily.

How to Train with a Rowing Machine for Fitness

To avoid hurting yourself, you should know how to adjust your rowing machine, and how to position your legs and arms so that the exercise is safe and effective. There is no single way to do it, but we do want to teach you the most basic of all, so that you start from the bottom.

1. Adjust the Difficulty Level

From the screen of your rowing machine, or from the mobile connection system, you can adjust the mode in which you want to perform the exercise. Most of the machines have at least 3 modes, and depending on their range or complexity, the type of programs and modes that you can choose go up.

We advise you to start with the most basic programs, or to put up less resistance, if you have never used one. If, on the other hand, you already know how to use it, or you practice rowing regularly, you can adjust the machine depending on the type of cardio or fitness you want to do.

2. Get on the Rowing Machine

All rowing machines attach your feet to the base of the machine with adjustable straps. You should sit on the seat and place your feet in a comfortable position on the base, and adjust the bands so that they do not come off the base.

Then you should get into the starting position, grasping the handle of the device and bending your knees and arms, in such a way that you are as close as possible to the screen of the device. This will be the position you should start in whenever you get on the rowing machine at home.

3. Do the Exercise

Press the start button of your rowing machine and crawl backwards stretching your legs and arms, while holding the handle that will allow you to find the degree of resistance that you preselected previously. You can regulate the pressure levels to increase the intensity of the exercise.

When your legs are almost straight, you have to lean your back and push the handle towards you to imitate the movement that a person who is rowing would do. Once you do this, you can return to the starting position. Do it slowly at first, and then go up the pace so that it is more effective and you don't overexert yourself.

Home Rowing Machine Buying Guide

You want to be in shape and you have found the best way with a rowing machine, but before acquiring one, there are some characteristics that you should know about this type of equipment. We are going to help you with all your questions, with this buying guide.

Choose Correctly based on Expected use and your Budget

Before buying any fitness equipment, you should know what your goals are. In this case, if your goal is to do a cardiovascular exercise, which also serves to tone and muscle arms, legs and abdomen, this device may be ideal for you, but there are always different levels of intensity depending on the activity.

Within the different types of rowing machine, there is a wide range of prices that affect the quality of the materials and the number of modes and levels that can be programmed. From 25,000 Rupees you can find options, and if you practice sports casually, you will not need a machine with many programs, so it may be a good option, but if you plan to use it more intensively, you should think about investing in a mid-range one. or high.

Types of Rowing Machines

Depending on the sensations you want to obtain and your budget, you can buy one type of rowing machine or another. We show you what your options are:

Elastic Bands : This system works like elastic fitness bands. Depending on the type of rubber, the machine will put up a more intense resistance. Its mechanism is very simple, because the rubber is collected around a wheel. The problem may be durability, because rubbers break more easily than other materials.

Air : In the mechanism of the machine there is a kind of fan, which with the impulses of your exercise, produces resistance by the same air that it generates. These machines usually resemble the real sensations of rowing.

Magnetic : They use magnets that act as a brake to generate resistance, and they are usually very silent due to this mechanism. You can find a combination of air with magnetic, although its price increases.

Water : It is the one that most resembles rowing in the sea or river. They have a small water tank where some paddles impose the resistance that the machine will offer you. They are not very quiet, but they work very well for professionals.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

With a rowing machine you will be able to stay in shape from the comfort of your home, but doing a very complete sport with a low impact. There are some more specific benefits that we want to share with you.

Very Complete Exercise: You can move a large number of muscles and make them work, in a single session with a rowing machine.

Low Impact : If your joints are worn or sometimes hurt when doing impact sports, it is a good option for you, because the impact of this activity is very low, so you will only have to worry about the stiffness the next day.

Lose Weight : It is one of the benefits that are related to sports, but with some modes of the machine, you can get more cardio work and lose weight.

Cardio and Strength : There are few machines that allow you to work on these two aspects at the same time, but with this machine you will be able to burn fat and tone your muscles.

Comfortable to Clean and Store: There are folding machines that do not take up much space, and since the materials of the chair are designed to withstand sweat, they are very easy to clean.

Techniques and Types of exercises on a Rowing Machine at Home

If you think that you can only do a single exercise on the rowing machine, you are very wrong. It is a device that allows you to have different training techniques focused more on some areas of the body than others. Do you want to know which ones? Keep reading:

Simple Technique : You just have to stand on top of the well-adjusted machine, with your arms and legs tucked up, and slide to extend them until your legs are almost straight. At that point you will put a small stretch in the direction of your shoulders, while leaning slightly back.

Arms Only : You can work only the arms by placing your legs straight on the machine and using the handle to pull it while keeping your back slightly bent back.

Legs Only : You can flex and stretch the legs hooked on the base, while your arms rest on the sides of the seat. With this exercise you will only exercise your glutes and thighs.

Squats : Stand close to the machine with your hands hooked to its handle, and do squats by pulling slightly backwards. You will put extra weight on your arms, and you will be doing a very complete exercise.

Sit-ups : With the simple use of the machine you will already work this area, but if you want the work to be more intense, you can try to lie down on the seat, hold your feet to the base and do sit-ups with the help of the rowing machine. There are endless possibilities with one of these devices.

Tips for use to take advantage of your rowing machine without hurting yourself

Before practicing any exercise, you must take a series of things into account so that you do not hurt yourself practicing it, or you do not end up so tired that you do not want to see the rowing machine again in a while.

Eat Correctly : There are many people who like to do sports on an empty stomach, but even then you will have to eat healthily, with fruits, nuts or pasta, which provide many sugars and carbohydrates.

Warm up / Stretch Before and After Use : Many people skip this step and only get cold or stiff muscles that ache for the next few hours or days. You need to warm up the parts you are going to work on, and once you are done, you should take your time to stretch and relax your muscles, thus avoiding future problems.

Divide the Series : Doing an exercise at once without any stops can be very traumatic for your body, especially if it is not used to that intensity. You need to do the exercise in sets, with one-minute breaks between sets, so your heart rate recovers and you don't feel exhausted.

Do Not Go Overboard with the Resistance Level : If you have selected a level higher than what you are used to and when you get on the machine you find that it is difficult for you to move it, go back to a lower level. Each person has a rate of progression, and the only thing you can do by putting more pressure on yourself is to hurt yourself.

Maintain a Correct Posture : Do not raise your arms too much, or push your knees out when bending or straightening your legs, if you want to avoid an uncomfortable stretch or a more serious injury.

Some Questions you May Have?

Is it Better to Row than to Run?

Rowing is a more complete exercise because it activates more muscles than running. With the rowing you will mobilize 85% of your muscles, according to the experts, and you will tone muscles such as the back or the arms, which with running are difficult to train.

You must bear in mind that running generates a lot of impact on the joints, especially if you do it outside on the paved street, or on stone paths. Rowing has a much lower impact, and is ideal if you have, or want to avoid joint problems.

How Often Should I use the Machine to Row?

You can use it daily within your exercise routine, because it is a very effective cardio and fitness exercise, but you should not overdo it with the amount of effort and time you dedicate, so as not to end up suffering muscle pain or injuries.

Ideally, you should plan your exercise routines in series, with breaks to rest and hydrate, taking into account your physical condition and possible limitations.

Will I Lose Weight using a Rowing Machine?

If you watch your diet and try to eat healthy, you will lose weight, because with a constant diet and exercise, your body will burn fat and tone muscles quickly and effectively.

Of course, if you suffer from any ailment or physical problem, you should consult with your doctor which diet or exercise is best for you, so as not to end up disturbing your diet, or doing an exercise that is harmful to your health.

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